U is for Uniform

Posted on 13 December, 2018

U is for Uniform

From an early age, we are aware of certain job roles by the uniforms that are worn. From the bright fluorescent jacket of the school crossing patrol to the distinctive looks of the emergency services, we learn that a uniform helps you to be recognised and also helps you to belong to a community.

But, as we enter the world of work, we realise that a uniform is more than the clothes employees wear on a day to day basis; it’s a walking billboard, a symbol of trust and a hint towards professionalism and company standards.

A branded uniform serves as a key marketing tool for brand awareness. Imagine all the places your employees go in a day, the garage on the way to work, the deli at lunch, the supermarket or gym after work, the possibilities for your brand to be exposed are limitless. Also, as many of our clients have found out, a roll out of a new uniform has great PR potential and can lead to fantastic brand exposure.

Not surprisingly, we have written a number of articles on the subject of uniforms which cover a range of topics including, the power of a branded uniform, the importance of a correctly fitting uniform and how to take care of your uniform by knowing your care labels.

We have also looked into the real cost of a uniform and why ethical considerations are an important consideration when choosing a supplier.