Design & Technical

Dimensions has an in-house Design team and CAD facility which means that a full ‘Design and Product Development’ service can be offered to clients.

In-house designers have developed some of the most prestigious corporate wear ranges in the market place, which has been achieved by conducting extensive research of the client itself, the working environment of its wearers and the wearers’ individual needs.

A highly skilled Technical team ensures that the quality and fit of all of Dimensions’ garments is excellent. Fabrics and components are rigorously tested and the suitability of items is assessed. The Technical team also manages wearer trials as appropriate.

The talented teams ensure that all uniforms receive an enthusiastic reception from staff, management and each clients’ own customers.

From fashion designers to fabric technologists, experienced in-house experts create wardrobes which are perfectly designed to accommodate the working needs of wearers. Whether bespoke or off the shelf, the latest fabric innovations, styles and details are employed to ensure that every garment not only reflects a client’s corporate aspirations, but evolves with their brand for maximum impact.

From business wear to complex technical and performance products, world-class global sourcing and comprehensive quality systems ensure a consistent delivery of innovative, high quality garments.

Mi Hub's group stature means that Dimensions can obtain superior market prices from some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, whilst retaining control of fabric, procedures and quality performance.