Account Management & Customer Service

Account Management

Each of Dimensions’ client accounts is allocated an experienced account manager, as well as an appropriate internal support structure to compliment them. Many of the account team work across national and continental boundaries to manage and supply the global contracts that Dimensions manages.

The account manager is a central pin in the successful management of the client’s account and they lead the co-ordination from design to delivery, by being focused on utilising resources to achieve the end goal.

As the account manager will be the main point of contact for any tactical issues and will lead a multi-functional project team, the personalities of clients and account managers are carefully matched, to ensure that each relationship is as successful and mutually beneficial as possible. This aids in building long-standing relationships; Dimensions is proud that the longest client relationship currently stands at 31 years.

The account manager, supported by their commercial director, is responsible for managing the product development process within critical path timescales and will ensure the smooth and timely roll out of new uniform.

Customer Service

Dimensions has a team of customer service coordinators, who are passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience by resolving client queries promptly and effectively.

Each client account is provided with a dedicated co-ordinator who has expert knowledge of their assigned client ranges. This knowledge enables each co-ordinator to answer queries quickly, due to their familiarity of the products and account service package.

The highly skilled customer service coordinators have an average of five years’ service at Dimensions, which means that they have extensive knowledge and experience to assist with any client enquiry. Performance standards are regularly monitored and reviewed, to ensure that the customer experience team provides an outstanding service to clients.

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