Sourcing & Forecasting

The fundamental element of the Dimensions service to clients, is ensuring that employees have their uniform delivered for when they need it. For this reason, there is a dedicated team of Forecast Analysts who carefully monitor all of the accounts, to ensure that every supply chain meets the required deadlines.

Each of Dimensions’ Forecast Analysts are assigned accounts and work in close proximity with the associated Account Manager to fully comprehend the behaviour of the client account. The analysts are responsible for forecasting demand at SKU level for the entire range for that account. They prepare ongoing forecasts that accommodate peaks and troughs in client demand such as client rollouts, to ensure absolute coordination across the supply chain and that optimum stock levels are maintained for each department.

Dimensions was the first corporate wear company to source extensively off-shore and as a result, has developed an established multi-site global sourcing chain which has been producing quality garments for over 20 years.

The advantage of not having to support in-house manufacturing facilities, is that the best location can be selected to manufacture each product; whether that is formal suiting, corporate casuals, knitwear, work wear, PPE or accessories. The Sourcing team comprehensively selects supply partners to ensure that the best quality products are being provided, at the right price and that each partner meets all of the required standards through regular audits.

Dimensions has a strict policy of only using approved suppliers. All suppliers undergo a rigorous approval process which includes a full factory evaluation and regular audits, using SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) guidelines.

Dimensions currently works with manufacturers and suppliers in the following countries: Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Korea, Lithuania, Pakistan, Romania, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and Vietnam.