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The Power Of A Branded Uniform

Posted on 02 February, 2018

The Power Of A Branded Uniform

A branded uniform is more than the clothes your employees wear on a day to day basis, it’s a walking billboard, a symbol of trust and a hint towards your professionalism and company standards.

A branded uniform serves as a key marketing tool for brand awareness. Imagine all the places your employees go in a day, the drive through for breakfast, the deli at lunch, the petrol station after work, the supermarket, the gym… The possibilities for your brand to be exposed are limitless. As many of our clients have found out, a roll out of a new uniform has brilliant PR potential and can lead to massive exposure.

Have you ever been in a shop and needed to ask a question but not known who works there, and walked back out? Chances are, if your staff don’t wear a uniform your customers have too! Missed sales from missed opportunities are impacting your businesses’ bottom line. By identifying your members of staff clearly, customers are aware of who they can speak to with a query, this increased number of leads mean more opportunity for sales. At all costs, avoid putting your customers in the situation where they ask another customer if they work there!

Would you let a stranger into your home? How would you feel about taking an unexpected parcel from a stranger in casual clothes? Chances are, you wouldn’t, and you wouldn’t feel comfortable. Having a uniform clearly identifies your workers, and puts customers at ease with having them in their home. A well branded uniform generates a feeling of trust, allowing your staff to do their jobs with no hassle. Without a uniform, your business looks unprofessional at best, and completely illegitimate at worse.

We’ve established that a uniform is essential for your customers, but what about your staff?

Working in a uniform presents a united front for your staff, and if your uniform is altered for different levels of seniority it makes an attractive reward for promotions. A world class, well-fitting uniform makes your staff feel valued, that you as an employer care enough about your employees to provide them with a quality uniform speaks volumes about you, and your company.

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