Mi Hub achieves ISO 31000 Risk Management

Posted on 24 January, 2022

Mi Hub achieves ISO 31000 Risk Management

ISO 31000 Risk Management is internationally recognised as providing the framework and process for managing risk. Mi Hub is a global workwear solutions company and is acutely aware of the potential risks in terms of economic resilience, professional reputation and environmental and safety threats.

Last year, Mi Hub put in place a robust Risk Management Framework and have been rolling out these commitments to teams across the Group. Mi Hub undertook the assessment as independent verification that the processes put in place will help mitigate risks through the effective identification and management of opportunities and threats. The assessment took 3 days during which time QMS looked at how Mi Hub utilise the Risk Management Framework to ensure it has been embedded into the culture.

Stephanie Barnard, Head of Risk and Compliance at Mi Hub said: “Risk is particularly important in the world around us at the moment following the pandemic. Having positive conversations about managing risk at both an operational and strategic level is helping us prepare for these events. Processes are important but we have also been working to embed a culture of risk so it becomes part of everyday working practice to us.”

Kim Van Deere, Consultant said: “Mi Hub Ltd. demonstrated multiple areas of best practice for risk management across all of the brands in their stable and were certificated on this basis. In the pandemic and post-pandemic era, having an appropriate business strategy to respond to new and emerging risk can be a huge differentiator. In particular, Mi Hub’s approach to supply-chain risk was well documented and understood. Mi Hub Ltd. is an organisation that has adopted a fully-integrated approach to risk at all levels of the business, and is committed to empowering staff to consider how to mitigate commercial, reputational and strategic risk as part of day-to-day operations.”

When asked what this means for customers, Hayley Brooks, Chief Operating Officer at Mi Hub said: “For our customers, it means that we have carefully considered how we will manage threats to our business so we can strive to continue to provide the exceptional levels of service regardless of what happens. It can give them the comfort that we are prepared to deal with issues if necessary. However, this is only the beginning of our journey and now that we’ve got the right building blocks in place, we are looking forward to further embracing risk and embedding best practice for risk management into our culture.”