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How the past 30 years are shaping today’s wardrobes

Posted on 15 January, 2019

How the past 30 years are shaping today’s wardrobes

The last 3 decades have seen many changes in style and silhouette, yet when looking through our archives this summer, in preparation for our 30th anniversary, it was fascinating to see how the fashion of the last 30 years is still influencing today’s wardrobes; be it at home or in the work place.

The ‘80s was a decade of bold, contrasting colours & patterns and strong silhouettes, known for its shoulder pads and perms! Men’s fashion was relaxed with oversized sportswear styles and loose fitting tailoring, whereas women’s working wardrobes boasted power suits and strong body shapes.

The ‘90s marked the end of the yuppie era (Young Urban Professional) and fashion became more relaxed. Men were heavily influenced by the music of the day and the sports clothing that the artists wore. Women had a softer silhouette wearing slip dresses with kitten heels or Dr. Martens’ combat boots if you were part of the grunge scene. Utility-styled cargo trousers with lots of pockets were also a staple of this era; especially if they were camouflage!

The noughties were heavily influenced by globalisation with Middle Eastern and Asian styling being incorporated into mainstream fashion. The movement in sustainable fashion was also prevalent in the 00’s with an increased focus on ethical clothing and eco-friendly practices such as up-cycling or shopping for vintage pieces.

If we look at the latest trend guide created by our Design team we see ‘90s inspired sports clothing and big logoed items; bold colours of the ‘80s and brave patterns that contrast to create innovative prints; recycled objects made from discarded clothes and work wear inspired utility pieces reminiscent of the ‘00s.

The current decade places emphasis on gender fluidity and the importance of being comfortable in your own skin, but however you choose to dress, the fact is undeniable that the last 30 years are still influencing today’s wardrobes!

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