B is for… Branding

Posted on 16 March, 2018

B is for… Branding

Everywhere we go, we see branding. From shop fronts to company cars, every day we are bombarded with branding. There’s a simple reason for this, it works. Brand recognition plays a massive part for your consumers choosing whether to use your services or your competitors. The more recognised a brand, the more valuable it seems in the eyes of a consumer.

So you’ve branded your website, your business cards and even your building, but have you considered branding your uniforms?

A branded uniform is more than the clothes your employees wear on a day to day basis, it’s a walking billboard, a symbol of trust and a hint towards your professionalism and company standards.

A branded uniform serves as a key marketing tool for brand awareness. Imagine all the places your employees go in a day, the drive through for breakfast, the deli at lunch, the petrol station after work, the supermarket, the gym… The possibilities for your brand to be exposed are limitless. As many of our clients have found out, a roll out of a new uniform has brilliant PR potential and can lead to massive exposure.

Would you let a stranger into your home? How would you feel about taking an unexpected parcel from a stranger in casual clothes? Chances are, you wouldn’t, and you wouldn’t feel comfortable. Having a uniform clearly identifies your workers, and puts customers at ease with having them in their home. A well branded uniform generates a feeling of trust, allowing your staff to do their jobs with no hassle. Without a uniform, your business looks unprofessional at best, and completely illegitimate at worse.

If you’re looking to update your current uniform, or you’re looking for a new one, we’d love the opportunity to speak to you about your requirements. You can email us on: or give us a call on 01332 697045.