The Future of Performance Workwear

Posted on 04 October, 2017

The Future of Performance Workwear

When you and your team are working hard, you need a work wear that works with you. From polo shirts for warehouse staff, formal shirts for customer facing employees and suiting for your executives, you need a work wear that works for every occasion and won’t let you down.

Introducing 37.5 technology

Founder of 37.5 Technology Dr Gregory Haggquist was developing odour eliminating fabrics using activated carbon. He soon discovered that this simple ingredient had far more interesting properties than just odour control, in the testing phase Dr Haggquist began to get reports of how quickly the fabrics were drying, and how cool and comfortable it kept the testers. Using activated carbon from coconut shells Dr Haggquist realised that instead of just wicking moisture like traditional fabrics, the activated carbon was moving the water away from the heat source and was dissipating it. Thus keeping the testers cooler when it was hot, and warmer when it was cold.

How does it work?

In garments using the 37.5 technology, particles are permanently embedded at the fibre level that capture and release moisture vapour. These active particles provide 800% more surface area to the fibre and uses its unique technology to create a driving force that removes moisture vapour. By responding to the individual’s body heat, the particles accelerate the vapour movement to speed up the conversion of liquid to vapour, showing a significant increase in drying times. This simply means, the hotter the user gets, the stronger the driving force that is removing moisture becomes and the more comfortable the wearer stays.

How does this benefit my workwear?

  • Odour trapping and long lasting

The active particles making up a 37.5 garment absorb and trap odour molecules so workers clothes don’t retain odour, the odour molecules are then released in the wash. The particles will work forever, no matter how many times the garments go through the washing machine, meaning longer lasting garments for your workforce, and long term savings in your workwear budget.

  • Cooling Power

The garments made with 37.5 fabrics have shown a 67% increase in comfort compared to wearing a normal dress shirt and wearers showed an 88% reduction in recovery time. This means your workers will be able to work harder for longer. For you, this means getting hot and uncomfortable in the boardroom will be a thing of the past.

  • UV Protection

If you or your staff work outside, no matter how rare the British sun you’ll need a form of UV protection. The active particles used in 37.5 technology have a chemical structure that absorbs UV light and provides natural UV protection. Depending on fabric construction and 37.5 content, up to 50 UPF can be achieved, do you and your staff can keep your cool even on the hottest days.

What are the applications for my industry?

37.5 fabrics can be used for far more than a basic t-shirt, it can be made into a range of suiting options for the executive board, into button down shirts for customer facing workers and into polo shirts for your behind the scenes staff. 37.5 delivers a fabric that works across the board. Any member of staff at any level could see the benefits of having workwear that works as hard as they do.

At Dimensions we pride ourselves on keeping our fingers on the pulse of new innovations in technology and offering our clients top of the range garments that work when they do. For more information on 37.5 Technology and how you could incorporate this into your workwear wardrobe, give us a call on 01332 697045, or email us at