Claiming Back Tax on Your Workwear

Posted on 23 November, 2017

Claiming Back Tax on Your Workwear

Did you know HMRC allows workers to claim back tax against the cost of cleaning and maintaining their branded corporate clothing?

The amount workers are able to claim depends on the industry that the individual works in. The amount workers will receive will vary between £12 to £60 per annum. Most people can claim back within the past 4 years. So a basic rate tax payer claiming the standard uniform allowance for the last 4 years could claim £240 in total.

What’s the rules?

• Workers can’t claim tax relief if their place of employment has provided an alternative. For example, a laundry room in the work place, or if the employer launders the uniform.

• If the employer is already paying the employees expenses for washing/repairing the uniform, a claim cannot be processed.

• Workers must be required by their employer to wear a recognisable uniform that demonstrates that they do a certain job. This could be a branded t-shirt with the company logo or a more specific uniform, like nurses.

• The claimant must have paid income tax for the year they are claiming.

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim you’ll need to fill in a P87 form, one for each year you are claiming for. This can be submitted online, or via post.

You’ll need to have some information on hand such as:

• Your employers name and address

• Your occupation, job title and industry

• Personal details including your National Insurance Number and PAYE reference. 

• How you want to be paid, and any relevant details.

Does my employer have to pay for this?

The answer to this is a resounding no.
The claim is made against the claimant’s personal income tax liability and is recovered directly from HMRC, no claim is made against the employer. This means the employer will not foot the bill or be negatively impacted by their workers making a claim for uniform tax relief.