Dimensions Dare to Win New Netto Uniform Range

Posted on 29 February, 2016

After 4 years away from the UK, Netto announced their plans to return through a joint venture with Sainsbury’s in June 2014. Being uniform suppliers to Sainsbury’s already, we were eager to hear more about their new partnership.

We met with Netto two weeks later to understand about the brand and its aspirations. We were excited to discover that Netto had clear ideas to incorporate lots of vibrant colours into their range, and with a “dare to win” culture, we knew from the beginning that this was going to be a fun project with plenty of fully bespoke items for our design team to get started on.

Design boards were created which pushed the boat out visually, offering a unique look and embracing the “dare to win” culture which Netto had spoken about. With the first five of the fifteen new stores due to open a couple of months later, we knew that it would be a challenging task. An interim solution was also designed to be as close to the final brief as possible, but would be readily available for store openings.

All of the designs were well received and initial samples were approved by the Leadership Team from both Sainsbury’s and Netto in early August. Final samples were then ready for sign-off in late August, with the proposed forecast agreed in September.

It was key for us to supply shirts, jackets, belts and badges which were fit for purpose, and we manufactured many of the garments in the UK initially, ensuring that quality pieces could be produced and delivered within the tight timescale. Although all employees wear their own bottoms such as jeans or casual trousers.

The first Netto store opened in Leeds on 6th November 2014, where we completed the roll out in full and on time. Netto now has thirteen stores open, with the final two stores due to open this month. Netto Account Manager, Natalie Walsh said, “We are very proud of the vibrant uniform range that we have produced, especially in the time given. Dimensions is now looking forward to seeing how Netto’s uniform range will evolve in the future.”