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Garment Care

Cotton Wash
Cotton Wash (no bar underneath image)

Maximum wash - the number iwthin the washtub is the maximum wash temperature.

Synthetics Wash
Synthetics Wash / mild treatment (single bar)

Medium wash (mild washing conditions)

Cotton Wash
Wool Wash / very mild treatment (double bar)

Minimum wash (delicate washing conditions)

Hand Wash
Hand Wash Only

Do not machine wash. Wash by hand, maximum temperature 40°C, handle with care.

Do not wash
Not suitable for washing
Cotton Wash
May be tumble dried
Cotton Wash
Tumble dry low (low heat setting)
Cotton Wash
Tumble dry high (high heat setting)
Cotton Wash
Do not tumble dry
Dry flat
Dry flat

Recommended for garments which are easily distorted by vertical drying.

Hang/Line Dry
Hang / Line dry

For garments not distorted by vertical drying or where tumble drying is not recommended.

Drip Dry
Drip dry

Recommended for garments which will withstand distortion and are generally synthetic in nature.

Cool Iron
Cool iron (one dot)

Maximum sole-plate temperature of 110°C, steam-ironing may be a risk.

Warm Iron
Warm iron (two dots)

Maximum sole-plate temperature of 150°C

Hot Iron
Hot iron (three dots)

Maximum sole-plate temperature of 200°C

Do not iron
Do not iron

Steaming and steam treatments are not allowed

Any bleach allowed
Any bleach allowed

Chlorine based bleaching allowed, only cold and dilute solution

Only oxygen/non-chlorine bleach
Only oxygen bleach/non-chlorine bleach allowed
Do not bleach
Do not bleach
May be dry cleaned
May be dry cleaned
May be dry cleaned
May be dry cleaned

(this letter tells the dry cleaner what process is required)

Do not dry clean
Do not dry clean or remove stains with solvents