Cotton is a natural fibre, with a near-white matt or dull appearance. Due to its natural background, organic and “green” cotton are available, which can be supplied via Fairtrade or the Better Cotton Initiative.

Cotton is used in a range of our garments, due to its soft handle and moisture regain properties.

Beneficial properties:

Due to its natural properties, cotton is non-allergenic. It is also breathable, maintains its strength when wet, and has good abrasion resistance. It produces no static build up.

Care considerations:

Cotton is prone to becoming creased and therefore requires more ironing than fabrics produced from other fibres. It can take a long time to dry naturally, or will need to be set to a high setting in a tumble dryer. Colour retention and shrinkage also tends to not be as good as synthetic fibres.

End of life possibilities:

Organic cotton is biodegradable, but it can also be reused. Cutting room waste can be recycled back into fibre form for re-use.