Ethics: SEDEX

Dimensions joined the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) in 2008 and continually monitor our supply chain and submit relevant information through the SEDEX database. SEDEX is a membership organisation for businesses committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their supply chains.

Its aim is to provide a secure database for companies to store and share ethical data including self-assessment, audit reports and corrective action reports and status. Our membership of these organisations is always represented at director level within Dimensions. This is essential as the core aspects of these associations are delivered to all levels of our business starting at board level.

Learning and developing is an essential part of the membership in trade associations. By being an active member we ensure that we share best practice and learn from other members. This allows us to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible practices and services within the UK.

Membership of quality standard organisations as well as testing facilities helps Dimensions produce the industry’s best value garments that will exceed our client’s expectations

Ethics: SEDEX